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Letter - November 29, 1916

Letter from Private Edward Joseph Seidelman, dated November 29, 1916. Sent from Seaford, Sussex, England to Rachel Seidelman of Vancouver. Letter describes train journey across Eastern Canada. Private Seidelman also writes that it is likely his 19...

Close view of train wheel

Photograph depicts train wheelsClose up, ground level view of round, iron wheel mechanism attached to underside of train; stationed on rail tracks; gravel, debris, and trail ties in foreground; printing on wheel mechanism reads "PATENTED"...

Pacific Great Eastern Railway engine

Photograph depicts a conductor aboard a Pacific Great Eastern Railway locomotive.Angled side shot of long, possibly diesel engine locomotive; large headlamp on front of engine; "102" painted on front and side of engine; conductor in news...

Damage to Second Narrows Bridge after collapse

Photograph depicts wreckage from the collapse of the Second Narrows Bridge (later renamed the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing).Metal beam resting on two pieces of lumber; four square extensions on front; four twisted extensions on bac...

Revelstoke C.P.R. Station

Photograph depicts the Revelstoke CPR Station.People walking along wood platform beside train pulled up to station; two storey building with light cornerstones and labeled "REVELSTOKE" in centre of image; kiosk with striped awnings in fr...

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