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Vancouver express train

Photograph depicts the Vancouver express train.

Train labeled "1104" in centre of image facing right; grassy area in foreground.

'Curly', a Canadian Pacific Railway construction locomotive, being transported on flatbed truck

Photograph depicts a Canadian Pacific Railway construction Locomotive being transported on a flatbed truck.

Flatbed truck labeled "TRANSCO" in middle of image with black locomotive engine on bed; residential development on hill and pillar reading "PNE" in background.

Train engine, C.P. [suppl., encl.]

Photograph depicts a locomotive near the old CPR station in Vancouver.

Black locomotive engine in foreground of image; decorated with flags, cedar boughs and sign that reads "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN"; Chateau style building in background.

Aerial view of piers, "Oriana" docked

Photograph depicts an aerial view of piers and the CP services building.

Rail cars and brick building in foreground of image; overpass leading to large building stationed on dock in right of image; white ocean liner named "ORIANA" in centre of image; North Shore mountains and what appears to be the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge in background.

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