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Al Kolberg

Oral history interview with Al Kolberg who was born in Saskatoon, 1919. His father came from Russia in 1905 where he worked as a shochet. Al recalls the reasons for Jewish assimilation in Vancouver in the early to mid twentieth century.

Ann Letcher and two unidentified men

Black and white photograph of Ann Letcher (far left) and two unidentified men (man in the middle is possibly Sam Mann, father of Ann; man on far right is possibly Max Mann, kosher butcher, brother of Ann).

Jack Diamond

Oral history interview with Jack Diamond who was born in Stree, Poland in 1909. He spent much of his life in the meat business, Shochet. He helped to build the Schara Tzedeck synagogue in Vancouver.

Judy Zaitzow

Oral history interview with Judy Zaitzow who was born in Vancouver. Her Grandfather William Seidelman was a postmaster and a shochet. Judy discusses her family history in detail through her Grandparents, parents, brother and sisters. Judy volunteers time with the Beth Israel school board, Hadassah, was door-to-door volunteer for Mothers March (forerunner of United Way), and for Heart & Stroke fund.

Max Poplack

Oral history interview with Max Poplack who was born in Vilna, Russia in 1898. The family emigrated to the United States between 1909 to 1910, landing on the East Coast than moving further west and settling in Washington. Max speaks of his father's involvement in the meat industry in Russia and Washington and his own involvement as a butcher in Vancouver.

Rosalie Segal (Wosk)

Oral history interview with Rosalie Segal (nee Wosk) who was born in Vancouver, 1931. Was married in 1948 at the new Schara Tzedeck; 1st wedding there. Rosalie's father Abrasha Wosk was an 'instrumental founder of Schara Tzedeck'.