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Fisherman holding the catch of the day

Photograph depicts a fisherman holding a fish.Older man wearing hat, holding a fish in his left hand and a fishing rod in his right hand; man is crouched on rock beside river; trees in background.

B.C. Electric Railway line, Ruskin, B.C.

Photograph depicts construction on Ruskin Dam.Railway tracks in right of image; river and dam being blasted into rock face in middle of image; meandering river in background.Labeled 13203 in bottom left corner.

Fraser River, Hope, B.C.

Photograph depicts the Fraser River at Hope, British Columbia. The photograph has alternatively been identified as Nimpkish Lake on Vancouver Island.Trees and top of guard rail in foreground; wide river below snow-capped, heavily forested mountains.

Suspension bridge, ravine

Photograph depicts a suspension bridge over a ravine.River with rapid current in foreground of image, below narrow ravine with suspension bridge across top.

Suspension bridge

Photograph depicts people on a suspension bridge over a river.Group of people on river bank in right of image; people on suspension bridge over river.

River, trees

Photograph depicts a river and trees.Bare trees border bend in river; snow-capped mountain visible in background through tree branches.

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