Richmond, British Columbia



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Richmond, British Columbia

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Richmond, British Columbia

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Richmond, British Columbia

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Richmond, British Columbia

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Quilchena Golf Club

Photograph depicts golfers at Quilchena Golf Club.

Eight golfers on green, one man setting up to put; sand trap in right foreground; trees, telephone lines, and mountains in background.

Two unknown men sitting in a blue golf cart

Colour Kodachrome 35mm slide depicts two unknown men sitting in a blue golf cart and one man has his arms crossed on the wheel while the other man has one arm up in the air as if he is waving. The golf cart has the name "Cushman" on the front.

Some of the Richmond par shooters

Colour Kodachrome 35mm slide depicts a group of unknown men with a man in the centre looking at the camera. There are golf pull carts in the background and a the front of a red golf cart that a man is sitting on in the right corner of the image. They are likely on a golf course.

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