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Wilfred & Phyllis Solomon

Oral history interview with Wilfred - born in 1929 in New York - & Phyllis - born in 1929 in Massachusetts - Solomon. Wilfred was a chaplain in the United States Air Force and than a rabbi in Spokane. His wife Phyllis worked developing the Jewish Film Festival.

Lubavitch students visit city on Torah spreading mission

Photograph depicts (l-r) Schnayer Goodman, Rabbi Y. Wineberg, and Nehemia Kessler with religious artifacts.
Original article in the Jewish Western Bulletin July 31, 1975: Lubavitch students who visited the city last week, Schnayer Goodman and Nehemia Kessler, are shown with Rabbi Y. Wineberg (centre) Vancouver Lubavitch director. Senior students at Lubavitcher Yeshiva in New York, their visit was part of an annual Torah-spreading mission conducted by 200 classmates throughout North and South America. In foreground, religious artifacts representing various Mitzvas being brought to communities include Tefillin, Mezuza, New Soncino edition of Tanya, Shabbat candle, Mitzva brochure and Pushka.

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Wolfman and Rabbi Wineberg

Photograph depicts Mr. & Mrs. Bill Wolfman and Rabbi Wineberg looking at a booklet.
Written on the versoL "P.10 2 x 3 1/2 crop. 85%. Wineberg & Wolfman. Jan 4/78. Mr. & Mrs. Bill Wolfman."

Rabbi Wineberg, Dr. Judah Landes, and Rabbi Fellig

Photograph depicts Rabbi Wineberg, Dr. Judah Landes, and Rabbi Fellig looking at books.
From envelope of images noted: 'Bob' to Edna Oberman re: Judah Landes, Chanuka Menorah, & Rabbis Winberg, Landes, & Fellig; print removed from mount with caption

Rabbi Joshua Gorda at Lubavich Melave Malka

Photograph depicts a man, presumably Rabbi Joshua Gorda, speaking to a large audience.
Written on the verso: "80% P. 11 - 3 x 2 3/4. Jan. 26/84. Rabbi Joshua Gorda at Lubav. Melave Malka."

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