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Mary Tobin

Oral history interview with Mary Tobin who was born in British Columbia, 1936. Her mother, Rose Karkofsky, was born in Poland and her father Marcou Yanovich was born in Romania. Mary attended and than was a registrar of Camp Miriam for 5-6 years. She worked for the Jewish Federation in Montreal and lived there for ten years until her father passed away, moving back to Vancouver. Mary has worked with Canadian Friends of Hebrew University for 15 years.

Miriam Matoff

Oral history interview with Miriam Matoff who was born in England, 1906. Mother’s father was Rabbi Barnett Mordechai Sheinman, born in Jerusalem. Miriam‘s husband Conrad, grew up in Montreal but was born in England. Miriam works for the Louis Briar Home and was involved in National Council of Jewish Women.

Moe Cohen

Oral history interview with Moe Cohen who was born in 1896 in Montreal.

Moe Samuel

Oral history interview with Moe Samuel. Moe added this information to his interview the next day:
-Moe also furnished the new Hillel House at UBC.
-Moe's father owned Samuel's Banana Importers which was the largest in Montreal; he became known as the "Banana King"
-He has supported the Vancouver Youth Orchestra for 10 years
-He has supported Juvenile Diabetes for 10 years
-For the last two items; he has received many awards for his philanthropy

Murray & David Goldman

Oral history interview with Murray & David Goldman, Murray's family came from Poland and Murray was born in 1920 in Montreal. He owned and worked a number of clothing stores in Vancouver and New Westminster. Known for his innovation in advertising.

David was born in 1950 in Vancouver. He became a partner in his father's Goldman & Bus Stop Jeans businesses and David's son is also a partner. The business is now called Goldman & Son.

Naomi Katz

Oral history interview with Naomi Katz who was born in Durban, 1924. Her mother, Rachel Newman, was born in 1900 and her father, Emphram Levey, was born in 1895. Naomi's first job was as a stenographer in Vancouver, later she took courses in teaching English as a Second Language, where Naomi found work at the Vancouver School Board. Was head of Directions ESL conference and helped produce 'Blue Brief', presented to the government in 1981, it focused on settlement services in multicultural societies. Naomi participated in the Parent-Teacher conferences ,Canadian Jewish Congress forum, the Jewish Historical Society and started the West Coast Reader for non-native English speakers.

Norman Epstein

Number: CA JMABC A.1971.001-20.18-47
Name: Norman Epstein
Interviewer: Penny Goldsmith
Date: November 21st, 2018
Place: Vancouver, BC
Project: The Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia Oral History Project

00:00: The interviewer, Penny Goldsmith, introduces herself and Norman Epstein, who is being interviewed on behalf of the Vancouver Jewish Folk Choir and the Jewish Museum and Archives of BC. Epstein describes his parents’ immigration to Canada, his childhood and his parents’ business.
6:14: Epstein describes his education and adult life. He eventually moved to Vancouver and received a position at the University of British Columbia.
8:09: Epstein recounts the religious education he had as a child in Montreal.
10:02: Epstein’s love of singing led him to eventually join the Vancouver Jewish Folk Choir. He mentions the conductor when he was first there was Cyril Freedman.
13:15: Goldsmith asks Epstein what he thinks is important about the choir. He responds that the choir is probably more important to the members than to the larger community.
13:56: Epstein recalls some ways he thinks the choir could evolve.
15:02: Epstein notes some of his favourite songs that he liked to sing when he was in the choir. He still has much of the music that they used in the choir.
17:41: End of interview.

Paul Heller

Oral history interview with Paul Heller who was born in Poland in 1911. His father side comes from Poland whereas his mother's family originates from Lithuania. Paul discusses his involvement in Poland's forestry and later estate management, the rise of Hitler, Poland being attacked in 1939 and the lengths involved to escape Poland, retrieve his mother and emigrate to Canada. Paul married Edwina in 1936.

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