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Michael Elterman

Oral interview with Michael Elterman. Interviewed by Laura Zitron. Michael talks about his family and their involvement with the Jewish community in Cape Town, and his move to Canada as a graduate student. He compares Jewish life between Cape Town and Vancouver, noting differences in denominations and ethnic divisions.

Jack Austin

Oral history interview with Jack Austin who was born in Calgary in 1932 and worked with the BC Liberal party with Arthur Liang on campaigns and on trade negotiations between Canada and US related to water. In Ottawa he worked with Paul Martin and Arthur Liang as well as Prime Ministers Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Jean Chretien in the energy and natural resources sector. He was awarded Mexico's Order of the Aztec Eagle for his services.

Life Insurance Policy Receipt - April 1, 1949

Life insurance policy receipt from the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in Ottawa for Harry Seidelman in Vancouver. Receipt issued on April 1, 1949. The back side has the French version of a Policy Change Adjustment Receipt.

Life Insurance Provisional Receipt - April 1, 1949

A provisional receipt from the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in Ottawa for Harry Seidelman in Vancouver. Receipt issued on April 1, 1949. Back side has one line filled out that states, "Tender of premium due April 8, 1949."

Letter - February 10, 1951

Letter sent to Arthur Laing in Ottawa, Ontario (assumed from Harry Seidelman), dated February 10, 1951.

Members of Soviet Jewry Group of 35s meet with members of the press

Photograph depicts a meeting table at a conference hosted by Members of Parliament, John Roberts and Herb Gray. Pictured are (l-r) Herb Gray, Elaine Dubow, [Wendy Litwack], Andy Cohen, John Roberts, Colonel Alshansky (formerly of the Soviet Union now living in Israel) and Michael Solomon serving as translator. Andy Cohen is seen reading from some papers.

Moses Steinberg

Oral history interview with Moses Steinberg who was born in Ottawa in 1918. His mother and father were born in what than was Russia but now is located in the Ukraine - Zhitomir & Brusilov. They emigrated to Montreal in 1905. His interview consists of family history, growing up in Ottawa and how he became a Pharmacist.

Ian Zack

An Oral history interview with Ian Zack who was born in Montreal in 1945 to Ruth Steirman (Montreal, June 20th, 1924) and Harris Ferenly (England, September 19th, 1922). Involved in engineering in the Israeli army. Ian was a tree planter in Ottawa for 26 years.

Tessler, Ronnie

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