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476 résultats pour Occupations

'Confirmation Class' Congregation Beth Israel

Photograph depicts a 'Confirmation Class' at Congregation Beth Israel. (Boys and Girls) age 16, Rabbi B. Woythaler - Back Row: Bill Seidelman L-R: Linda Gould, Sherry Corman, Diane Cooperband, Freya Senser, Miriam Woythaler, Cecille Gr...

Ben and Esther Dayson at border post in Israel

Photograph depicts Ben and Esther Dayson at border post in Israel. Esther holds Uzi submachine gun and Ben tries on Military Policeman's hat while he aims an FN rifle.


B&W print depicts an unknown man outside one of Mrs. Ann Snider's tailor shops. There are several sign on the shop, including a large sign that reads: "B.C. Clothiers & Tailors 311". "Store" is written on the botto...

Interview with Sam Rothstein

  • CA JMABC A.1998.010, A.2008.007, A.1968.001, A.1971.002, A.2007.017, A.2007.009, A.2011.007, A.2010.055-OH.19.70-06
  • Pièce
  • June 21, 1969
  • Fait partie de Cyril E. Leonoff fonds

An Interview with Sam Rothstein whose family came to Vancouver before World War I and settled in the Strathcona neighborhood. Sam took a PhD in Librarianship in California, and took a job at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He wa...

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