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SS "Cardena", Union Steamship Company

Photograph depicts SS "Cardena", part of the Union Steamship Co. Ltd. fleet.Side shot of port side of a one stack steamship; smoke billowing from smokestack; nautical flags on both ends of ship; two life boats visible in middle of top de...

Mountainside view along Pacific Great Eastern Railway

Photograph depicts a Pacific Great Eastern train track snaking around a mountain.Train track curving left around rock faced cliff; steep drop down rock faced cliff to river on right side of tracks; river appears to be quite turbulent; telephone po...

"Chelohsin", Union Steamship Company

Photograph depicts "Chelohsin", part of the Union Steamship Co. Ltd. fleet.High contrast shot of one stack steamship; one mast at either end of ship; "CHELOHSIN" on starboard-side of ship; tugboat and mountains in background.

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