Goldman, Mona

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Goldman, Mona

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1923 - 2009


Mona Goldman (nee Silverstein) was born April 8, 1923, in Terespolya, Poland before moving to and growing up in Toronto. She began painting at an early age, being taught by a founding member of the Group of Seven, Arthur Lismer. In 1943 she attended the Chicago Institute of Design. Shortly after graduating and moving back to Toronto, she married Dr. Bill Goldman in 1947, and moved to Vancouver where they raised 3 sons, Ron, Howard, and Lorne. Mona began a successful art career, working in a nature-inspired modernist style until the turn of the century when she switched her medium to photography and digitally manipulated her images. Mona was an art teacher for UBC’s Continuing Education program for 22 years and from the 1980’s to 2002 she hosted UBC funded art tours to New York, Paris, and London.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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From 1952 - 2009, Mona worked as a professional artist, exhibiting and selling her artwork.
From the 1960s, Mona worked as an art teacher for the University of British Columbia's Continuing Studies Program. The date of her retirement from this position is unknown.
From the 1980s - 2002, Mona led international art tours to New York, London, and Paris for UBC's Continuing Studies Program.

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Self Employed, Vancouver, BC.



Employed at UBC for 22 years, Vancouver, BC

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December 2019.
Revised January 12, 2019.


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