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Northeast facing addition to St. George's School

Photograph depicts the construction of the addition to St. George's School.McCleery & Weston tractor with front-end loader delivers cement blocks to the construction site; man in hard hat guides driver towards open, three-story building e...

Man with largest Rainbow Trout caught in BC

Photograph depicts a man with the largest rainbow trout caught in B.C.Large fish displayed on wooden board below ruler; man standing to right of fish wearing bow tie, overcoat, and fedora holding broken down fishing rod and lure.

Fishing, Drinkwater Creek, Vancouver Island

Photograph depicts a fisherman at Drinkwater Creek on Vancouver Island.Placid creek in foreground of image with log running along width of creek; fisherman with creel basket standing on rocky bank to left of creek; mountains with heavy tree cover ...

Fisherman holding the catch of the day

Photograph depicts a fisherman holding a fish.Older man wearing hat, holding a fish in his left hand and a fishing rod in his right hand; man is crouched on rock beside river; trees in background.

Fly-fisherman on rocky shore

Photograph depicts a fisherman on a rocky shore.Man standing on rocky bank, holding fishing rod; small fish on end of fishing line; water and trees in background.

Two fisherman at the edge of the river

Photograph depicts two fishermen at edge of water.Two men in hats, one holding a net, the other a fishing rod, at edge of water; fish attached to line jumping out of water; grass and brush in the background.

Vancouver Lacrosse Team

Photograph depicts the Vancouver Lacrosse Team in 1915.Three rows of men standing and sitting against a wood wall; label in bottom right corner reads "PHOTO by ROGNON LEONARD FRANK"; members of team written across bottom of image.Written...

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