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9 Resulados para Men

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"Juish T.V." man speaking

Photograph depicts a man speaking at a podium.The caption from the JWB reads: Knowledge Network erstwhile host Howard Harowitz.Separate paper provides short description. Reads: "'JUISH T.V.' Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver Ri...

"Juish T.V." man in costume

Photograph depicts two men behind microphones, with one man in costume, they are possibly performing a skit.The caption from the JWB reads: "Edward R. Burrow" (Mel Sprackman) with "world's oldest canvasser Meyer Burscovitch&quo...

[Dr. Irving Snider speaking with two unknown men]

Colour print depicts Dr. Irving Snider speaking with two unknown men. They are all looking to the right of the image. There are other unknown people in the background. This image was possibly taken at the Richmond Country Club possibly for Dr. Irv...