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Member of the Seidelman family with perambulator

Black and white image of a member of the Seidelman family, possibly William (Bill) Seidelman, tending to a baby in a perambulator. Cabinet attached to building in background labeled "Life Buoy" - could indicate that the photograph was t...

[Uncle Toots]

File contains one broken (in three pieces) glass-plate negative, 7" x 5". The photograph depicts a portrait of Clarence B. Sylvester, known as "Uncle Toots".

No. 1 Firehall

B&W print depicts an unknown man in uniform sitting on a bench. "No. 1 Firehall" is written along the bottom of the image.Note: colour adjusted on jpg.

Vancouver Lacrosse Team

Photograph depicts the Vancouver Lacrosse Team in 1915.Three rows of men standing and sitting against a wood wall; label in bottom right corner reads "PHOTO by ROGNON LEONARD FRANK"; members of team written across bottom of image.Written...

Letter - August 4, 1916

Letter from Pemberton & Son Financial Agents, dated August 4, 1916. Sent from Vancouver, British Columbia to Private Edward Joseph Seidelman at Camp Hughes, Manitoba.

Postcard - July 15, 1916

Postcard from Private Edward Joseph Seidelman, dated July 15, 1916, sent to his younger brother, William (Willie) Seidelman in Vancouver.

The Daily Province Newspaper

Page 15-16 of The Daily Province of Vancouver, British Columbia published December 13, 1917. Features obituary of Private Edward Joseph Seidelman, as well as Canadian casualty list and other articles.

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