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1074 Resulados para Men

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Harry Seidelman in sailor's uniform

Black and white image of Harry Seidelman posing in a sailor's uniform (while working on the S.S. Rupert) in the backyard of the family house at 1735 East 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia

Britannia High School Cricket Team 4/7/19

B&W print depicts the Britannia High School Cricket team seated on stairs and posing for the camera. A young Irving Snider is sitting in the back row, second from the left. "Britannia High School Cricket Team 4/7/19" is written on th...

Jimmie Walters

B&W print depicts Jimmie Walters in a baseball uniform posing for the camera. "Jimmie Walters" is written on the bottom of the image.Note: colour adjusted on jpg.

Harry Seidelman in a rowboat

Black and white image of Harry Seidelman in a rowboat with mountains and forested area in the backgkround.

Fisherman holding the catch of the day

Photograph depicts a fisherman holding a fish.Older man wearing hat, holding a fish in his left hand and a fishing rod in his right hand; man is crouched on rock beside river; trees in background.

Dock area, ships at dock

Photograph depicts docked tugboats and other vessels.Men standing on pier in suits and hats; small vessels behind men; wood building behind vessels.

St. Alice Hotel

B&W print depicts an unknown man posing on the porch of the St. Alice Hotel. "St. Alice Hotel" is written along the bottom of the image.

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