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JNF Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Forest in Galilee

Photograph depicts two people standing next to a sign in a forest which reads "Welcome to the Metropolitan Ecumenical Training Centre Inaugural Tree Planting in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Forest U.S.A.".
Written on the verso: "Jewish National Fund. 83/10/6/1026 - The Jewish National Fund Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Forest in Galilee where an inter-denominational gathering marked the 20th anniversary of Dr. King's 'I have a dream' speech in Washington...[rest cut off]

JNF Pools at Canada Park

Photograph depicts a few people walking along a road paved with setts next to a pool in Canada park.
Written on the verso: "JNF Pools at Canada Park. May 16/85 p. 11 Reduce to 3 cols x --. 73%."

JNF bulldozer

Photograph depicts a bulldozer at work.
Caption reads: "A JNF bulldozer leveling land to prepare it for agricultural use in the 'Peace Salient' in Israel's Negev."

A Lubavitch youth instructs Israeli soldiers in the performance of the 'lulav' and 'etrog' mitzvah

Photograph depicts a man showing the lulav and etrog to a group of soldiers.
Written on the verso: "5112 Hundreds of Lubavitch youth carried out the wishes of their leader, the Lubavitch Rebbe, and this succoth instructed Israelis in the performance of the 'luvav and etrog' mitzva. This year their efforts were concentrated on sol[...] [rest cut off].

Na'amat's summer camp for mothers

Photograph depicts a group of women sitting on lawn chairs.
Written on the verso: "PW Na'amat Mother's Day Camp Israel. Na'amat's summer camp for mothers 1979."

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