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Kindergarten at Givat Hananiya

Photograph depicts four kindergarten children and a teacher sitting at a small table.
Written on the verso: "Kindergarten at Givat Hananiya JNF Galil Canada new settlement. 11/89990. Jan/80 not used. Omit."

Children who lost family members fighting for Israel

Photograph depicts a group of children with hula hoops. The caption read: "Children who lost family members fighting for Israel are seen in the picture attending a camp at Wizo's Hadassim Youth village. The 350 children, aged 6-14, were recommended for the camp by social workers and by Wizo volunteers."

Four boys

Colour Kodachrome 35mm slide depicts four boys, possibly in a kibbutz in Beersheba.

Two children planting a tree

Photograph depicts two children holding a small tree.
Written on the verso: "2 cols Page 1 Jan. 23/86. Mar 8 1985. P. 1 105%. JNF"

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