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Harry Toban

Oral history interview with Harry Toban who was born in Lithuania in 1895, but family emigrated to Canada in 1911 because his uncle had gone to Montreal in 1895 and his aunts had come to Vancouver from Montreal in 1905. Mr. Toban primarily discus...

Wilfred & Phyllis Solomon

Oral history interview with Wilfred - born in 1929 in New York - & Phyllis - born in 1929 in Massachusetts - Solomon. Wilfred was a chaplain in the United States Air Force and than a rabbi in Spokane. His wife Phyllis worked developing the Jew...

Daniel Ezekiel

Oral history interview with Daniel Ezekiel who was born in Manila. His family is split between Ashkenazi and Sephardic.

Eitz Chaim's first annual lottery draw

Photograph depicts (l-r) Manfred Leventhal, Sheldon Smollan, and Mark Nussbaum standing together.Written on the recto of duplicate photograph: "Assembled for the draw climaxing Eitz Chaim's first annual lottery held recently were (left t...

Jerry Adler and Ted Zacks

Photograph depicts Jerry Adler (left) and Ted Zacks (right) in conversation, with Father Michael A. Daniel and an unidentified women in the background.

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