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Harry Woolfe

Oral history interview with Harry Woolfe who was born in England to Russian parents. Harry's recounts his career in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, in construction and working for Paramount Pictures.

University of British Columbia Agricultural Department, people and livestock in front of building

Photograph depicts the Agriculture Department of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Large group of people standing in front of house-like structure with a row of windows; three cows in front of group of people; weeds and dirt in foreground of image; "-13689-" written in white in bottom left corner.

Man with largest Rainbow Trout caught in BC

Photograph depicts a man with the largest rainbow trout caught in B.C.

Large fish displayed on wooden board below ruler; man standing to right of fish wearing bow tie, overcoat, and fedora holding broken down fishing rod and lure.

Fly fishing from shoreline

Photograph depicts a man fly fishing.

Man standing on rocky shoreline with fly fishing rod; small fish on end of line; water and trees in background.

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