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Union Contribution Book

Harry Seidelman's Contribution Book of the Marine Firemen and Oilers' Union of British Columbia. Inside contains stamps indicating the months for which Harry paid his union dues. The last stamp states that Harry paid his last union due on September 6, 1921.

Joshua Checov

Oral history interview with Joshua Checov who was born in 1891 in a small village in Russia. He was the only member of his family to serve in the Russian army during the First World War. Mr. Checov met Czar Nicholas during his time in the army. Later when he emigrated to Canada he spent a great deal of effort working across numerous organizations; Anti-Defamation League, Histadrut, etc and was a active supporter of Zionism.

Wine Card

Wine Card of the Canadian Australasian Royal Mail S.S. Co., Ltd.

Nancy Halpern

Oral interview with Nancy Halpern. Interviewed by Samantha Stokell for SLAIS Oral History class.

Nancy's father's family moved to Vancouver in 1906, when her father Norman Brown was less than six months old. She has stories of her own life in the Vancouver Jewish community and those of her grandparents and parents. She was involved in drama and theatre in the Vancouver and Spokane, WA areas, and worked as a librarian in Vancouver. She was also involved in creating the West Vancouver Jewish Community Association.

Nancy mentions her cousin's daughter, Barbara Liskov (née Huberman) from the States, a professor at MIT who was the first woman to graduate in Computer Science in the U.S., and who is a winner of the Turing Award.

Cadet Card - [1917]

Card details Harry Seidelman's job title and duties on the R.M.S. Niagara ship, assumed from 1917.

Cadet Card - [1918]

Card details Harry Seidelman's job title and duties on the R.M.S. Niagara ship, assumed from 1918.

Pass - October 3, 1917

A pass for the Trans-Pacific Line of the Canadian Pacific Ocean Services, Limited, for Harry Seidelman. Pass issued on October 3, 1917 and valid on October 4, 1917.

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