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Horseshoe Bay

B&W print depicts Horseshoe Bay with people on the beach. There is a building on the right of the image with a large sign on the front that reads: "Refreshments". "Horseshoe Bay" written on the print.

Yukon, Snider Film 4

Film depicts various shots of Dawson and its community members. The film also shows some gold panning, and women's softball team game.

Extra - Granville Bridge - course of construction

Photograph depicts construction progress of the Granville Bridge.Low, upward angled shot of centre span of metal truss bridge with pin jointed girders; small section of right centre deck left to complete, with crane hovering above; warehouses and ...

Copies of burning pier at United Grain Growers

Photograph depicts the burnt pier at United Grain Growers.High contrast shot of tall, long steel structure on fire; streams of water projecting on to fire in right side of image; dark smoke in top half of image; tall buildings in middle right of i...

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