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Display of private toy train collection, R & R Frisson, 3053 W. 8th Ave, Vancouver

Photograph depicts R&R Frisson's model toy train collection.

Concrete and wood alcove with two walls containing nine shelves each; white labels on various shelves; model trains on all shelves; large model steam locomotive on top shelf of front facing wall; bridge models on table below shelves; sign on front of alcove reads "PRIVATE TOY TRAIN COLLECTION", "R&R FRISSON, 3053 W. 8th Ave. VANCOUVER", "733-2148"

Russian nesting dolls

Colour Kodachrome 35mm slide depicts Russian nesting dolls.

Note for this slide reads: "Matryoshka dolls or 'one inside the other.' A favourite Russian souvenir in all sizes."

Hadassah Bazaar E

Photograph depicts (l-r) Ella Filles, Vi Forsyth, and Allegra Dayan (seated) holding dolls and stuffed toys.

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