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JHSBC Oral History Collection Vancouver Stores
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Cissie Eppel

Oral History Interview with Cissie Eppel. She talks about her family history and them moving from Latvia to England. Cissie was born in England. Her father was a tailor. She met her Husband during the war when her family would house Jewish soldiers. She moved to Canada in 1952 with her husband and child. They came by train right to Vancouver. They settled in the West End and opened a picture framing store. She was very involved with the National Council and JFSA. In 1992 she established the Jewish Genealogical Society of BC.

Boris Chenkis

Oral history interview with Boris Chenkis in preparation for the 2015 Scribe on Jewish clothiers. Boris’ parents were born in Chernovke, Ukraine. Boris was born in Belarus in 1952. His family moved to Canada in 1959, when he was 7 years old. His Father was an x-ray technician and got a job in Nanaimo. His mother was a cook. They loved in Nanaimo until 1967 when they moved to Vancouver so his mother could open a clothing store. He talks about going to camp Miriam and Habonim. He went to Israel during his gap year on a Habonim program then went to UBC. In 1984, he opened After Five, a clothing store, with his wife. He talks about running the store and fashion.

Flora Bluma Field

Oral history interview with Flora Bluma Field. She was born in Los Angeles in 1924. She grew up Orthodox. Her father was a tailor and her mother worked with him in the tailor shop they owned. She studied music at UCLA. She moved to Vancouver in 1957 with her husband. They originally come to meet her father-in-law and fell in love with Vancouver. She got involved with the North Shore Jewish Community Association when she moved here. They celebrate holidays and had Bar Mitzvahs there. She has been volunteering with the Peretz Centre for years and been on the programming committee.

Louis Eisman

Oral history interview with Louis Eisman in preparation for the 2015 Scribe on Jewish clothiers. Louis speaks on his family history, his grandparents having moved to South Africa from both Russia and Lithuania, as well as his upbringing in Cape Town. In South Africa, Louis began working as a traveling salesman after six months of university, before going on to have an agency and manufacturing plant. In 1977 he moved to Toronto, Canada, where he was successful in his work for a few years. In 1979, he was offered a position in Vancouver, and after spending a weekend there, he and his wife prepared to move there in the following year. He also speaks about his involvement with the Jewish community, and his life and success in Vancouver since moving.

Isaac Lipovsky

Oral history interview with Isaac Lipovsky who was born in Russia in 1902 but the family emigrated to Winnipeg in 1905 after Issac's brother was born. Issac's father fought in the Russo-Japanese War, finding work at Red River Sheet Metal Works in Winnipeg, later opening B.C. Ceiling and Roofing Company once the family relocated in 1910. After working through a number of businesses, mainly concession stands and selling candy, started working for Woodward's Department Stores in 1932.

Cindy Wine

Oral interview with Cindy Wine. Interviewed by Debby Freiman.

Marni Tritt

Oral history interview with Marni Tritt; in preparation for the 2015 Scribe on Jewish clothiers.

Yoel Farzan

Oral history interview with Yoel Farzan; in preparation for the 2015 Scribe on Jewish clothiers.

Jocy and Richard K. Lowy

Oral history interview with Jocy and Richard K. Lowy (Richard is the son of Jocy). In preparation for the 2015 Scribe on Jewish clothiers; Jocy and her husband Leo used to own Leo's Menswear.

Marilyn Glazer

Oral history interview with Marilyn Glazer in preparation for the 2015 Scribe on Jewish clothiers.

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