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Trip through Yukon, Snider Film 5 Part 2

Film depicts an a flight trip through the Yukon. The trip was part of an official police and Indian Department inspection of the Yukon. The trip was under the supervision of Major Sandy-Wunsch of the RCMP. It was a 200 mile flight, with twelve stops. Medical and dental attention were given to the native communities visited by Dr. Duncan and Dr. Snider. The film depicts aerial shots of the Yukon and film of native communities.

Grain elevators, construction scene

Photograph depicts construction on grain elevators.

Old and young man standing in covered walkway on metal girders, approximately three stories above ground; tall building with foundation behind walkway.

'Powell River Penstock' on truck

Photograph depicts the "Powell River Penstock" on the back of a flat bed truck.

Three men in suits standing beside, and one man in work clothes standing inside a penstock, a water intake mechanism, on the back of a flatbed truck, parked in front of two storey house.

Ramset Tools Ltd., Men examining girders

Photograph depicts three men examining girders.

Three men in centre of image, one kneeling next to tool box with hammer in hand; corrugated metal surface overhead, supported by metal girders, which are being examined by men.

Driving the Golden Spike by Hon. D.A. Smith on C.P.R., Nov. 7, 1885

Photograph depicts the iconic photograph of Hon. D. A. Smith, (later Lord Strathcona) driving the last spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway in Craigellachie.

Man in top hat with bushy white beard surrounded by other men in suits, coats, and hats, driving spike into railroad track; caption in bottom right corner.

Sicamous Hotel, C.P.R. Station

Photograph depicts the Sicamous Hotel and CPR Station.

Man walking along length of train at station in foreground of image; group of men in centre of image, gathered on platform beside train; chalet style four storey building in background, to left of platform.

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