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Dr. Irving and Phyliss Snider fonds British Columbia Men
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Four unknown men

Colour Ektachrome 35mm slide depicts four unknown man, one of whom is smoking a cigarette. There are golf pull carts in the background.

A few of the card sharks, strictly [? illegible]

Colour Kodachrome 35mm slide depicts two unknown men, one of which is on a microphone, standing in front of a chalk board with names and dollar amounts on it. There is a third man in a white dinner jacket and black bowtie on the left side of the image.

Unknown man eating

Colour Kodachrome II 35mm slide depicts an unknown man eating. There is a bowl with chopsticks sticking out of it in the foreground.

Two unknown men sitting at a table

Colour Kodachrome 35mm slide depicts two unknown men sitting at a table. The man wearing the brown coat has his elbows on the table and is holding an olive between his fingers. The other man is wearing a black shirt.

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