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Bernie Simpson fonds Vancouver Persons
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[Lee Purkin and two unidentified people at Bernie's constituency office]

Photograph depicts Lee Purkin and two unidentified men around a desk. On man is being handed something by Lee, and one man has his back to us on the phone. On the left are signs which say: "elect Bernie Simpson - New Democrat". To the right are two pictures of Bernie Simpson on the wall and then a sign that says: "Vancouver Fraserview". This image is likely taken at Bernie Simpson's constituency office.

Bernie Simpson MLA - Fraserview 1990 - 1995 - Activities Jewish Community [Bernie Simpson giving a speech at an event for the Vancouver Jewish Community Center]

Photograph depicts Bernie Simpson at a podium, giving a speech. A white banner is hanging from the front of the podium, with "Vancouver Jewish Community Center" written on the bottom. Written on verso: "Bernie Simpson" and "Dave Wolochow Photo".

Member Appreciation Reception - University Golf Courrse - Aug 27, 2003

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  • August 27, 2003
  • Parte deBernie Simpson fonds

Photograph depicts, from L-R: Keith Spencer, Bernie Simpson, and David Ingram. All three men are wearing red and white name tags with their names written on them. The photo was taken for a member appreciation reception at the University Gold Course. Written on verso: "Member Appreciation Reception - University Golf Course - Aug 27, 2003".

Xmas 94 - S.V.N.H. Presenting Cheque

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  • [December 1994]
  • Parte deBernie Simpson fonds

Photograph depicts Bernie Simpson handing a woman identified as Barbara a cheque. To Bernie's right is a man identified as Bob. On the far right of the photo is a man identified as Alfonso. This photo is likely taken at the headquarters of the community service agency S.V.N.H. (South Vancouver Neighborhood House). Written on verso: "Xmas 94 - S.V.N.H. Presenting Cheque"

[Unidentified man and woman at a constituency office]

Photograph depicts an unidentified woman in a pink jacket on the phone and an unidentified man in a blue and white sweater writing with a pencil and paper. Behind them on the wall there are signs which say: "elect Bernie Simpson - New Democrat". They are likely at Bernie Simpson's constituency office.

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