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Painting Loans and Sales

  • CA JMABC A.2020.002-5-8
  • Pasta/Processo
  • 1969 - 1990, 2008
  • Parte de Mona Goldman

File contains correspondence to Mona from galleries in regards to painting loans; Vancouver Art Gallery, Shelley Lambe Fine Art. Book of sales recorded by Mona.

UBC Art Course Assignments

  • CA JMABC A.2020.002-5-7
  • Pasta/Processo
  • 1993, 2004 - 2006
  • Parte de Mona Goldman

File contains course syllabuses, essays, artist statements, assignment proposals, rough sketches/paintings of art assignments, photography, and artist biography from 1993. For UBC continuing studies courses VISA330, 331, 540, 451.

Artist Statements/CV's

  • CA JMABC A.2020.002-5-6
  • Pasta/Processo
  • 1992, 2005
  • Parte de Mona Goldman

File contains artist statements (official and rough draft) and artist CV’s from throughout Mona’s art career.

Participation in Vancouver Jewish Community

  • CA JMABC A.2020.002-5-5
  • Pasta/Processo
  • 1965 - 2002
  • Parte de Mona Goldman

File contains scrapbook page with article about Mona judging at the JWB Kidz Korner Jerusalem Day Poetry/Art Event (page also includes ads for 1991 Alex Fraser Exhibit);\
announcement of birth of her granddaughter to son Lorne and his wife Kelly (presumably in the Jewish Western Bulletin);
JWB article about Mona’s murals she painting age 12 at the Kiever Synagogue, Toronto.

Letters from Friends and Art Galleries

  • CA JMABC A.2020.002-5-4
  • Pasta/Processo
  • 1980 - 2001
  • Parte de Mona Goldman

File contains thank you letters from friends regarding personal thanks and thanks for gallery event invites. Thank you letters from art galleries for Mona’s participation/use of gallery space.

Thank You Cards - Painting Sales

  • CA JMABC A.2020.002-5-3
  • Pasta/Processo
  • 1976 - 2001
  • Parte de Mona Goldman

File contains thank you cards from people who have purchased paintings from Mona. Two cards have attached photographs of Mona’s paintings in the purchaser’s home.

Art Donations and Local Charitable Auctions

  • CA JMABC A.2020.002-5-2
  • Pasta/Processo
  • 1962, 1986 - 1987
  • Parte de Mona Goldman

File contains Youth Aliyah and Menorah Chapters of Hadassah preview and auction list;
Vancouver Hadassah Art Show and Auction artist’s biographies;
Introduction and letter of thanks from The Jewish Festival of the Art Society for painting donation;
A letter of thanks for donations from the Western Forestry Center, Portland, Oregon.

Personal Diaries

  • CA JMABC A.2020.002-5-1
  • Pasta/Processo
  • 1961 - 1999
  • Parte de Mona Goldman

File contains personal diaries created by Mona dated 1961, 1980s, and 1999

Personal Records

  • CA JMABC A.2020.002-5
  • Séries
  • 1961 - 2008
  • Parte de Mona Goldman

Series contains files pertaining to various aspects of her professional life such as diaries, correspondence between personal friends and art galleries, textual records, newspaper clippings, and contributions to the local Vancouver Jewish community.

Photoshopped Photography

  • CA JMABC A.2020.002-4-7
  • Pasta/Processo
  • 2007 - 2008
  • Parte de Mona Goldman

File contains 27 photos of photoshopped versions of Mona’s nature photography, 1 titled “explorer”. 1 photo of Mona with leaves photoshopped onto image.

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