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JHSBC Oral History Collection Vancouver
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Freda Sher

Interview with Freda Sher. Interviewed by Laura Zitron. Freda talks about her family history, and her mother's experiences as an Ochberg Orphan. Freda is involved in Jewish organizations such as Jewish Women International, Hebrew Youth, Jewish Family & Child, and Beth Israel. She compares life and Judaism between South Africa and Canada, and talks about her career, family, and philanthropy.

Tamar Kafka

Interview with Tamar Kafka. Interviewed by April Thompson for the Feeding Communities podcast. Tamar is a dietitian who currently works at the University of British Columbia. She talks about Canadian food consumption habits, nutrition, and her profession.

Shelley Ail and Iris Dayson

Interview with Shelley Ail and Iris Dayson. Interviewed by April Thompson for the Feeding Communities podcast. Shelley and Iris are volunteer coordinators for the Jewish Food Bank. They talk about their experience as volunteers, and the activities of the food bank.

Michael Braude

Interview with Michael Braude. Interviewed by Sara Bernstein. Michael talks about his family's history and speaks fondly about his childhood in Cape Town, and in particular about his grandfather. Once he finished school, he wanted to leave South Africa because of the Apartheid. In the meantime he found a position in the jewelry trade, which he enjoyed, before going on to work for his fathers clothing business. He and his family lived in Israel for six years, but the climate didn't suit them and so they moved back to Cape Town where he had his career in clothing manufacturing. He also speaks about his wife, children, and grandchildren, as well as his interests such as music and archaeology. He has lived in Vancouver throughout the second half of his life.

Marc Schutzbank

Interview with Marc Schutzbank. Interviewed by April Thompson for the Feeding Communities podcast. Marc is the director of Fresh Roots, a Vancouver non-profit organization that encourages healthy eating, food literacy, and sustainability in its programs and school farms. Marc talks about the foods he ate growing up, his involvement in the Jewish community, and the activities of Fresh Roots.

Sheila Romalis

Interview with Sheila Romalis. Interviewed by Debby Freiman. Sheila talks about her grandparents' immigration to Canada, her father's business acumen, and her mother's philanthropy. Her family was heavily involved in many Jewish organizations in Vancouver such as Hadassah-WIZO, Israel Bonds, B'nai B'rith Sisterhood, Jewish Family & Child, and Beth Israel.

Stephanie Lim

Interview with Stephanie Lim. Interviewed by April Thompson for the Feeding Communities podcast. Stephanie is a member of Vancouver Food Policy Council. She discusses food policy, security, accessibility, and sustainability.

Irene Dodek

Interview with Irene Dodek. Interviewed by April Thompson. Irene talks about chicken soup, food and culture, and Jewish cuisine.

Alf Price

Interview with Alf Price (Abram Alfred Price). Interviewed by Laura Zitron. Alf talks about his family history and their immigration to Vancouver, BC. He discusses the differences in Judaism between South Africa and Canada, and his own involvement in the Jewish community in Vancouver. He also talks about his profession as an accountant.

Andrew Riseman

Interview with Andrew Riseman. Interviewed by April Thompson for the Feeding Community podcast. Andrew is an associate professor at the University of British Columbia for applied biology and plant breeding. In the interview, Andrew talks about genetic modification, food aesthetics and selection, production and consumption, and other topics within the food industry.

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