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Dr. Irving and Phyliss Snider fonds
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Travel slides

Series contains colour 35mm slides which documents Dr. Irving and Phyliss Snider’s travels around the world.


Series contains black and white prints which documents Irving Snider’s family and early life growing up in Vancouver (particularly his Mother, sister and friends) as well as his time in Portland, Oregon attending dental school at North Pacific College, his time as a Captain with the Dental Corp, and his time in Dawson City. This series also contains colour prints which documents Dr. Irving and Phyliss Snider’s later life including Irving’s 90th birthday party.


Series contains textual records including birth certificates, death certificates, wills, identity papers, travel documents, publications, correspondence, and certificates.


File contains moving images from the Snider's travels, as well as video of the Yukon and Dawson City when Irving was living there as a dentist.

[Historical documents]

File contains a variety of personal documents including birth certificates, marriage registrations and a death certificate for Annie Snider.

Pins, medals, medallions and buttons

File contains a variety of pins, medallions, medals and buttons. There are four different types of military buttons (each having multiples); 1 medal in pouch (A & A.S.R. Canada, 50 years); 1 unidentified medallion in box (1866-1966); 1 unidentified medallion with inscription on back "I.E. Snider, 1924"; variety of pins from Canada, BC, Yukon and Russia.

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