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Shira Blustein

Interview with Shira Blustein about her relationship with food and the food industry. Shira discusses her experiences running vegetarian restaurants, The Acorn and The Arbor, in Vancouver. She talks about the role of food in her family. Shira also discusses her participation in the punk rock music scene in Calgary and her involvement in an alternative country band, Blood Meridian. There is also conversation about raising children in a multi-faith household and Birthright.

Justine Balin

Interview with Justine Balin as a follow up to her interview in 2017; the interview focuses on food. Justine talks about life after being on the cooking show, Chopped Canada Teen, in 2017. She discusses the role of food in her life during her years at university in Halifax, as well as her changing relationship with Judaism. Justine shares her experience being on a second cooking show, Wall of Chefs, in 2019.

Jacqueline Walters

Interview with Jacqueline Walters as part of the BC Jewish Queer & Trans Oral History Project, in collaboration with JQT Vancouver. Jacqueline shares her experience working at Jewish Family Services in Vancouver as both a counselor and community worker. She discusses undertaking a needs assessment to better understand the needs of LGBTQ+ folks in the Jewish community.

Alan Herbert

Interview with Alan Herbert as part of the BC Jewish Queer & Trans Oral History Project, in collaboration with JQT Vancouver. Alan shares his experience of being both gay and Jewish in Vancouver. In part 1, he discusses his family, coming out as gay, the AIDS crisis, his involvement with AIDS Vancouver. In part 2, Alan discusses Vancouver during the AIDS crisis, getting the first funding for AIDS Vancouver, and feeling relatively accepted as a Jewish man in the LGBTQ+ community.

Jen Jaffe

Number: CA JMABC A.1971.001-20.21-33
Name: Jen Jaffe
Interviewer: Unspecified
Date: Unspecified
Place: Unspecified
Project: The Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia Oral History Project

00:00: The interviewer asks Jen Jaffe to introduce herself and her role at the Temple Sholom school.
2:05: The interviewer asks Jaffe to describe her role as principal of the school. Jaffe describes some of the general trends that have happened within the school since she became principal in 2010.
4:32: Jaffe describes who the students are that attend the school and the reasons the common reasons their parents placed them in the school program.
7:08: Jaffe describes the involvement of Rabbis Dan and Brown in the school and its activities.
10:27: Jaffe describes the use of technology in the school and how the school programming was restructured during the early months of the covid-19 pandemic that began in 2020. She also recounts how they were able to ensure each family had the sufficient technologies to be able to participate in their classes.
15:36: Jaffe describes how the Temple Sholom school works with every child to support their individual needs. The school employs Teen [Madrohim] to act as educational aids for the students who need some extra support.
18:47: Jaffe tells how the school is divided in to classes and how those classrooms are generally structured.
20:03: Jaffe responds to the interviewer’s requests to elaborate on the curriculum and philosophy.
23:45: The interviewer asks Jaffe if there is an issue of anti-Semitism that the students have expressed. Jaffe says not directly but it is a topic that is addressed in the school. The teachers also teach the kids how to cope with Christmas.
27:17: Jaffe describes the diversity in the student body.
29:11: Jaffe describes some of the electives the school offers including art, music and Lego.
31:55: The speakers discuss changes that have happened during Jaffe’s tenure at the Temple Sholom school.
33:45: The interviewer asks Jaffe if she thinks the school will encounter any significant issues in the near future.
35:31: Jaffe responds to the interviewer’s question about how the school addresses the political situation between Israel and Palestine.
37:16: Jaffe describes some of the interactions the Temple Sholom school has with other Jewish schools in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. They also discuss how the school prepares its students for their B’nai Mitzvah.
40:43: End of interview.

Anne Andrew

Interview with Anne Andrew on Jewish education in BC. Anne discusses her involvement with Temple Sholom School in Vancouver. She worked as a teacher for a few years before working as principal of the school for 20 years.

Marcia Turner

Interview with Marcia Turner on Jewish education in BC, and particularly in Kelowna. Marcia discusses the history of the local Hebrew school and her involvement with it. She is currently teaching at the Hebrew school.

Sandra Hockstein

Interview with Sandra Hockstein on Jewish education in BC. Sandra discusses her involvement with the Burquest Hebrew School from 1991 to 2004. Her children attended the school. Sandra was on the board and worked as a parent volunteer.

Maggie Karpopolsky

Interview with Maggie Karpopolsky on Jewish education in BC, specifically in Coquitlam and on the North Shore. Maggie is trained as an education and has worked as the principal of Har El Hebrew School on the North Shore. Maggie discusses her involvement with Burquest Hebrew School, including her position on the board.

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