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Yamila Chikiar

Interview with Yamila Chikiar. Interviewed by Kristina Kapitza for the Feeding Community podcast and The Scribe, 2018. Yamila talks about the mishmash of culture in the foods she ate growing up, her background in baking, and her Vancouver-based re...

Alf Price

Interview with Alf Price (Abram Alfred Price). Interviewed by Laura Zitron. Alf talks about his family history and their immigration to Vancouver, BC. He discusses the differences in Judaism between South Africa and Canada, and his own involvement...

Stephanie Lim

Interview with Stephanie Lim. Interviewed by April Thompson for the Feeding Communities podcast. Stephanie is a member of Vancouver Food Policy Council. She discusses food policy, security, accessibility, and sustainability.

Shelley Ail and Iris Dayson

Interview with Shelley Ail and Iris Dayson. Interviewed by April Thompson for the Feeding Communities podcast. Shelley and Iris are volunteer coordinators for the Jewish Food Bank. They talk about their experience as volunteers, and the activities...

Freda Sher

Interview with Freda Sher. Interviewed by Laura Zitron. Freda talks about her family history, and her mother's experiences as an Ochberg Orphan. Freda is involved in Jewish organizations such as Jewish Women International, Hebrew Youth, Jewis...

Irma Schneider

Interview with Irma Schneider. Interviewed by Cindy Rozen. Irma talks about her family's history, her childhood, education, marriage, and her immigration to Canada.

Justine Balin

Oral interview with Justine Balin. Interviewed by Michael Schwartz for the Feeding Community podcast. At age 17, Justine was the 2017 winner of Chopped Canada Teen.

Rotem Tal and Itamar Shani

Oral interview with Rotem Tal and Itamar Shani. Interviewed by April Thompson for the Feeding Community podcast. Having both immigrated from Israel, Rotem and Itamar together own Chickpea, a Mediterranean food truck and restaurant in Vancouver, BC.

Leah Levitt

Oral interview with Leah Levitt. Interviewed by Debby Freiman. Leah talks about her grandparents' history with the Peretz School and Communist Party in Calgary, her family's experiences in World War I and II, her father's operation ...

Lauren Kramer

Oral interview with Lauren Kramer. Interviewed by Bill Gruenthal. Lauren talks about her family's history in the medical and health profession, their immigration from South Africa to Canada, and her various experiences across North American c...

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