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Baking day in the O. T. room

Photograph depicts two women making drop cookies in a storage room. Pictured is a metal can of Stafford Vegetable oil, a set of crutches, a beach ball, and other tools and baking material.
Written on the verso: "794-8. 149 Sept/73. P. 9. Baking Day in the O. T. room. Brier Home. 142."

Mashgeicha Ben Leibowitz and cook Isaac Ben-Or

Photograph depicts (l-r) cook Isaac Ben-Or and Mashgiach Ben Leibowitz in an industrial kitchen.
Written on the verso: "Brier Home ready for Pesach. Mashgeicha Ben Leibowitz and cook Isaac Ben-Or. 34.2.70. April 1970."

Robert Kaplan with children at Louis Brier event

Photograph depicts the Solicitor General of Canada Robert Kaplan, two unidentified children, and two unidentified seniors at an event.
Written on the verso: "T2059-21A. 13 Dec/81. P. 12 1 1/2 x 2 3/4 (left). 85% P.12. Brier Home Dec. 31/81."

Robert Kaplan signs guest book at Louis Brier

Photograph depicts Solicitor General of Canada Robert Kaplan signing a guest book with an audince, including Sara Richard and Kornfeld, looking on.
Written on the verso: "T2086-6A. 13 Dec/81. Solicitor General of Canada Robert Kaplan sings guest book as [?] Auxiliary President Sara Richard and L.B. Home President Chair Kornfeld look on."

Bar Mitzvah at Louis Brier Home

Photograph depicts a group of people surrounding a "Happy Bar Mitzvah" sheet cake as two people cut into it.
Written on the verso: "T2097-22A. 13 Dec/81. 1 1/2 x 2 3/4. Brier Home. Dec 31/81."

John Weinfield and Rose Kaplan at Purim festivities

Photograph depicts (l-r) an unidentified person next to Rose Kaplan and John Weinfield in costume as the King and Queen at the Purim festival.
Written on the verso: "3/18 March/84. John Weinfield, Rose Kaplan. Brier Home Purim fete. April 5/84."
Caption from JWB : "Perennial King and Queen at Purim Parties were late John Weinfield who passed away shortly before his 107th birthday, and Rose Kaplan, still getting along at age 102. Two more appropriate Royalty could not be found anywhere - both being completely dedicated to their religion, the gentleman often praying alone in the synagogue even when there was no minyan, and the lady alone in her room."

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