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Leonard Frank Photos studio fonds
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West Bay looking towards Vancouver city, Mount Baker in distance

Photograph depicts the entrance to Vancouver's Harbour, with Mount Baker in the distance.

Landscape shows houses at edge of rocky, treed shoreline; waves crashing against retaining walls in front of houses; Prospect Point hillside in Stanley Park visible in front of Mount Baker in background.

Trees, water, sunset

Photograph depicts trees, water, and a sunset.

Children playing on beach in foreground; small vessel silhouetted on water, with sunset and mountains in the background; image framed by two large deciduous trees.

Suspension bridge, ravine

Photograph depicts a suspension bridge over a ravine.

River with rapid current in foreground of image, below narrow ravine with suspension bridge across top.

House on beach, West Bay

Photograph depicts houses on the beach at West Bay.

Heavy foliage in foreground of image; houses and driftwood lining the coastline; peninsula of Stanley Park in background.

Résultats 61 à 70 sur 2017