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[Dora Nesbit, Esther Nemetz and two unidentified girls]

  • CA JMABC A.2008.016, A.2011.018-003-14-3
  • Unidad documental simple
  • [ca. 1930]
  • Parte deNemetz family fonds

Photograph depicts Dora Nesbit on the left with two unidentified adolescent girls and Esther Nemetz on the far right posing on a picnic bench. Written on verso: "Dora Nesbit, ?, ?, Esther Nemetz"

Charlotte Anne fishing in San Gabriel Canyon

  • CA JMABC A.2008.016, A.2011.018-003-14-27
  • Unidad documental simple
  • April 1934
  • Parte deNemetz family fonds

Photograph depicts Charlotte Anne holding a fishing rod standing on a rock in the San Gabriel Canyon. Written on verso: "Charlotte Anne. Fishing in San Gabriel Canyon. April 1934."

Mother & Jeanette - Seattle

B&W print depicts Jeanette and Mrs. Ann Snider posing for the camera in front of a wooden building. "Mother & Jeanette - Seattle" is written on the bottom.

Mahon Park

B&W print depicts Jeanette Snider, Dr. Irving Snider's sister, and an unknown man posing for camera. The man is holding a tennis racket and Jeanette is holding a doll. "Mahon Park" is written on the bottom. Other copies availabl...

Carrall St[reet]

B&W print depicts Jeanette Snider holding a dog on the corner of Carrall Street. "Carrall St." is written on the bottom of the image.Note: colour adjusted on jpg.

Strathcona School

B&W print depicts three girls, L-R, Bessie Buckshon, Jeannette Snider, Rae (Rachel) Kramer, posing for the camera. "Strathcona School" is written along the bottom of the image and the names Bessie, Jeannette and Rae are penciled abov...

[Esther and Bella]

B&W print depicts two unknown young women sitting on a beach smiling for the camera. "Esther" (sp?) is written on the left side of the image and "Bella" (?) is written along the bottom.

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