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Zora ("Zoe") Gropper

Oral history interview with Zora ("Zoe") Gropper, who was a part of the National Council of Jewish Women in Saskatoon and discusses the political climate of the twenty-first century.

Zoltan Fleischer

Oral history interview with Zoltan Fleischer in preparation for the 2014 Scribe with a focus on Jewish scrap metal dealers. He was born in Hungary in 1927. His father was drafted by the army in 1938, the army took their horses as well. Hungary was liberated by the Russian Army. He stayed in Hungary until 1956, when he came to Canada. He choose Canada because he had never heard anything bad about it. When he arrived here, he only spoke Hungarian and only had $5.00. His sister, brother-in-law, and him traveled by train across Canada to Victoria. He got a job in a scrap yard saved his money and bought land in Surrey. He opened a furniture business but sold it when the SkyTrain was being built. He then bought Scott Road Trading and Auto Wrecking.

Zohar Levin

Oral Interview with Zohar Levin. Interviewed by April Thompson for Feeding Community podcast.


File contains materials related to the Zlotnik baby burial plot. This file is not digitized, items in the file are duplicates of material from other archives repositories or contain private information.


File contains photographic material collected by 'Outlook' for future content on Zionists.

Zionist organizations

File contains flyers, newsletters, pamphlets, and brochures from various Zionist organizations such as the Progressive Zionist Caucus, American Zionist Youth Foundation, and B'nai Zion: The American Zionist Fraternal Organization.

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