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Leonard Frank Photos studio fonds Alberta
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River and rocky riverbed, mountains

Photograph depicts a river and the Rocky Mountains.

White water river with rocky riverbed in foreground of image with large shale deposits in middle of image; rocky, snow-capped mountain peaks in background.

Snowy mountains, valley, river

Photograph depicts a snowy river valley and mountains.

Partially frozen river cutting through snowy, sparsely treed landscape in foreground of image; snowy mountain peaks in background.

Mt. Bastion, Alberta

Photograph depicts Mt. Bastion in Alberta.

Jagged shaped mountain with extensive shale deposits at bottom; partially white faced on left side of mountain (image is extremely high contrast, making it difficult to distinguish whether white is snow or merely lighter patch of dirt and rock).

Mountain glacier

Photograph depicts Mount Bastion in Jasper National Park, Alberta. The craggy, rocky peak sits above two residual glaciers.

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