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Tessler, Ronnie Canada
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Cyril Leonoff in his library

Photograph depicts Cyril Leonoff looking at pictures in his library.
Written on the verso: "Reduce entire pix to 3 cols x 4 1/4. 1/2 col. Nov. 22/90 185%. June 23/88. 170%. Cyril Leonoff "In his library". Photo by Ronnie Tessler. May 19, 1988."

Jim Clifford, Lynn Jensen, Allan Thorpe

Photograph depicts three men in front of rafters; one is standing, one is sitting on a rafter and one is sitting on a barrel used for rodeo practice. The men are Jim Clifford, Lynn Jensen and Allan Thorpe.

[Man Smoking]

Photograph depicts a man sitting at a table, smoking a cigarette; two cowboy hats and a pile of papers sit atop the table.


Photograph depicts a man sitting, holding his hat; a young boy is standing in front of the man, looking at him.

Burt Williams, Les Harris, Clinton

Photograph depicts a man riding a bull into the arena; they are near the cattle pens and the stands. The photographer's title suggests that Burt Williams and/or Les Harris are depicted in the photograph.

Rocky Hukley, Jim Dunn

Photograph depicts Rocky Hukley and Jim Dunn; one of the men is standing above his horse in a pen, while the other is standing outside the pen facing the other direction.

Stu Vickers, Pat McHugh, The Jockey

Photograph depicts the perspective from atop a horse; three men are holding a rope, guiding the horse out of its pen. In the background, three more men are attempting to guide another horse. The photographer's title suggests that Stu Vickers, Pat McHugh and The Jockey are depicted in the photograph.

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