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Seligman, A.L. Canada
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Jewish Community Centre Sports awards

Photograph depicts (l-r) John Gower, Wayne Norton, and Bert Rogoway holding two trophies.
Written on the verso: "2 cols Page 5. Left to right: John Gower, handball champion; Wayne Norton, gym director; Bert Rogoway, squash champion. A [J.] Seligman."

Centre cast for 'Middle of the Night'

Photograph depicts four unidentified actors in a play, with the actor on the left on the telephone.
Written on the verso: "Page 8 - 3 cols. 'Centre cast...' 'Middle of the Night'. May 2 1969. 100%."

Centre play 'Middle of the Night'

Photograph depicts three men building what is possibly a set piece for the play.
Written on the verso: "Page 5 - 3 cols. Top position 'Centre play...'. May 9/69. 106%."

Handball Champion Fall Classic Tournament

Photograph depicts three men holding trophies.
Written on verso: "Page 9 - 2 cols. 'Award Centre Sports Champs...' Nov 14/69. Centre - Handball champion fall classic tournament. 110."

In the Waldman library at the JCC

Photograph depicts people sitting in a library.

Written on the verso: "Right to left. Ruth Van Messer, Eugen Grabowski, Steve Goode, Marci Greenham, Ruth Wiesl, Harriet Lemer. Nov 16/70. Photo #1 Top. 229."

Jewish Community Centre library

Photograph depicts people sitting in a library.
Written on verso: "Not used Dec 18 '70. Junior to Golden Ager/We the library. Evening nite at the centre library. Photo #2. 228."

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