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Dr. Irving and Phyliss Snider fonds Canada Item Boats Com objeto digital
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Dr. Snider, Snider Film 7

Film depicts the Dawson ice break up in May, a picnic, a softball game, various shots of ships and planes. The film also has shots of the sun at midnight over Dawson in June, and people mining.

Marine Express

B&W print depicts a boat in water with people on the deck. "Marine Express" is written on the bottom.
Note: colour adjusted on jpg.

Wigwam Inn

B&W print depicts a group of people in a row boat. The boy holding the oars is a young Irving Snider. There is another row boat in background. "Wigwam Inn" is written along the bottom of the image.
Note: colour adjusted on jpg.

Lake Harrison

B&W print depicts the front of a row boat with water and mountains in the background. "Lake Harrison" is written on the bottom left corner of the image.
Note: colour adjusted on jpg.

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