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Earl Lesk

Oral history interview with Earl Lesk, who was born 1945 in New Westminster. He took Sciences, Microbiology and later teaching at the University of British Columbia Earl, becoming a High School biology teacher for the city of Coquitlam. Growing up in New Westminster Earl belonged Young Judea and went to Camp Hatikvah.

Selina Robinson

Interview with Selina Robinson for On The Record: The BC Jewish Queer & Trans Oral History Project in collaboration with JQT Vancouver. Interviewed by Carmel Tanaka via remote Zoom video call. Selina (she/her) is a Jewish politician who is the mother of a gay son. She is an NDP representative and Member of Legislative Assembly of BC residing in Coquitlam. Selina talks about growing up Jewish in Montreal, and Richmond, BC where the Jewish community was much smaller. She talks about organizing community-led Jewish education in Burquest that focused on inclusion of all sects of Judaism during the ‘90s. Selina talks about working for Jewish Family Services, and their attempts to make safe spaces for gay Jewish kids and their parents. She talks about guidance from her son Aaron, who is similarly pursuing queer Jewish community initiatives. She also tells an anecdote about Aaron’s coming out and how his leaving for university worried her about his preparedness for the world at large. Selina talks about Aaron being openly Jewish growing up and creating positive spaces for him to share his Jewishness with non-Jewish peers, but the difficulties of not knowing the perfect way to parent a queer kid as a straight parent. She also talks about Aaron inviting her to Shabbat dinner with Pride Colours and how proud she was. Selina talks about how Jewish organizations can become more welcoming to queer Jews by including queer Jews in their leadership and becoming more self-reflective.

Maggie Karpopolsky

Interview with Maggie Karpopolsky on Jewish education in BC, specifically in Coquitlam and on the North Shore. Maggie is trained as an education and has worked as the principal of Har El Hebrew School on the North Shore. Maggie discusses her involvement with Burquest Hebrew School, including her position on the board.

Sandra Hockstein

Interview with Sandra Hockstein on Jewish education in BC. Sandra discusses her involvement with the Burquest Hebrew School from 1991 to 2004. Her children attended the school. Sandra was on the board and worked as a parent volunteer.

Susy Naylor

Oral Interview with Susy Naylor for the JMABC Artists Scribe. Interviewed by Helen Aqua. Susy was born in Brooklyn in 1943 and talks about her family history in the city and abroad, as well as her immigration to Canada as an adult. She talks about her education including two nursing degrees which led her to teach nursing upon moving to Winnipeg. Wanting to transition to counselling, Susy moved to Coquitlam and commuted to school in Washington which eventually enabled her to open a private practice. Susy describes her challenges doing art from home as a middle-aged mother and how her outlook on her artistic ability changed as she did more workshops and gained mentorship, albeit still experiencing impostor syndrome. Susy discusses how her paintings don’t truly have stories, but are ambiguous and she loves to hear the interpretations of the viewers. Susy also discusses how participating in a Leonard Cohen themed art show made her realize her difficulties visualizing imagery in her head when she had an idea, helping to clarify her artistic process. She talks about her involvement in galleries and art crawls, and teaching classes to others who question if they can be an artist.

Burquest Jewish Community Association fonds

  • CA JMABC A.2011.035
  • collection
  • 1975-2002

Fonds is arranged into three series: Administrative and operational records; Newspaper clippings; Photographs and audio/visual.

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