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Yukon Men
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Overland train

Colour Ektachrome 35mm slide depicts an unidentified man standing on an overland train. The words "United" and "US Army" are visible on side of the train.

Note: Colour adjusted on JPEG.

Franks [?] Bridge Dawson

B&W print depicts Dr. Robert Franks, Dr. Snider's partner, posing on a bridge. On the back of the image is written: "Franks [?] Bridge Dawson". The name of the bridge is illegible.

Trip through Yukon, Snider Film 5 Part 2

Film depicts an a flight trip through the Yukon. The trip was part of an official police and Indian Department inspection of the Yukon. The trip was under the supervision of Major Sandy-Wunsch of the RCMP. It was a 200 mile flight, with twelve stops. Medical and dental attention were given to the native communities visited by Dr. Duncan and Dr. Snider. The film depicts aerial shots of the Yukon and film of native communities.

Dawson, Y.T.

B&W print depicts Dr. Irving Snider and an unknown man posing on a hill holding onto wires. "Dawson, Y.T." is written on the bottom of the image.
Note: colour adjusted on jpg.

Dawson Baseball Team Fielder - 30's

B&W print depicts Dr. Irving Snider posing for the camera wearing a baseball uniform including wearing a baseball glove on his hand. "Dawson Baseball Team Fielder - 30's" is written on the back of the image.

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