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Dr. Irving and Phyliss Snider fonds Yukon Item Boats Com objeto digital
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Dr. Snider, Snider Film 7

Film depicts the Dawson ice break up in May, a picnic, a softball game, various shots of ships and planes. The film also has shots of the sun at midnight over Dawson in June, and people mining.

Yukon, softball - Mayo Pioneers Parade, Snider Film 2

Film depicts various shots of the Yukon (likely Dawson City), mining and panning shots, and shots of a parade followed by what appears to be a town fair. There are also shots of people playing on the beach, husky puppies, aerial shots of the Yukon, and footage of the Town of Mayo.

Dr. Wolfe, Snider Film 3

Film depicts various scenes in the Yukon (likely Dawson), such as women's baseball games, a parade, a wedding, skiing. The film also depicts men taking crates of mail out of Dawson.

Yukon, Snider Film 4

Film depicts various shots of Dawson and its community members. The film also shows some gold panning, and women's softball team game.

Str "Whitehorse" leaving Dawson with 90 passengers [including] Drs. Franks and Snider

B&W print depicts the Whitehorse steamship leaving Dawson. "Str "Whitehorse" leaving Dawson with 90 Passengers July 14th, 1926" is written in white ink on the image. "Drs. Franks & Snider" is written in black ink with an arrow pointing to them on the front deck. This image is a postcard and has writing on the back that is illegible due to the black backing. Other copies available; see PastPerfect for details.

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