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JHSBC Oral History Collection Romania
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George Weinstein

Oral history interview with George Weinstein. . George was born in Romania in 1925 and moved to Vancouver as a small child. He talks about his family and his mother’s involvement with the Vancouver Jewish Community. In 1944, he left high school and joined the Canadian Navy. After the war he went to work for his uncle in the scrap metal business driving a truck. He met his life Mildred at a Jewish Youth Group and they had 3 sons together. He talks about his parents coming to Vancouver in 1900 and his mother’s Journey in 1928. He talks about growing up in Vancouver.

Pnina Granirer

Oral history interview with Pnina Granirer. Her was born in 1935 in Romania. During WW2 she went to a Catholic school because Jews weren’t allowed to go to school. Pnina left Romania in 1950 and moved to Israel. She went to architect school but wanted to be an artist. She worked as an illustrator. She moved to Canada with her husband because of work. They originally thought they would move back to Israel, but it did not happen. Pnina is a successful painter and has taught throughout her life.

Betty Averbach

Oral history interview with Betty Averbach who was born in Romania in 1921. Her family moved to Canada when she was 3 years old, the Council of Jewish Women met them and helped them get settled. Talks about growing up in Vancouver and the Jewish community here. Her father was a junk peddler when they first arrived. Talks about raising her family in Vancouver and her family's active relationship with the Schara Tzedeck synagogue. Speaks of the importance of the Jewish Community Centre in the life of the community when she was young, the support and confidence it generated amongst Betty and her friends.

Ben and Rita Akselrod

Oral History interview with Ben and Rita Akselrod. Rita was born in Bacau, Romania. They met in a DP camp in Austria. After the war they went to Israel then came to Canada via Italy. They worked as a peddlers then with antiques. Then started a second-hand and antique store in New Westminster. They talk about how antisemitism didn't disappear after the war.

Doreen Herzstein

Oral History interview with Doreen Herzstein. She recounts her life growing up in Zimbabwe; the Jewish life and Zionist leaning of the community. She also mentions the strong Hadassah and Union of Jewish Women in Haare. After she was married, she lived in South Africa for a couple of years but left when the Nationalist Party came to power in 1948. They moved back to Zimbabwe and raised their children there. In the 1970’s they told their children to leave Zimbabwe and they followed in 1977. They originally moved to Edmonton, but it was too cold, and they moved to Vancouver. Doreen talks about the welcoming community on the North Shore, hiking, and walking with the Ramblers.

Serge Haber

Interview with Serge Haber. Interviewed by Gary Averbach for The Scribe, 2018. Serge talks extensively about his acquisition and operation of Kaplan's Deli between 1981 to 2000, before he sold the business.

Susan Mendelson

Interview with Susan Mendelson. Interviewed by Debby Freiman for The Scribe, 2018. Susan talks about her family's history, her upbringing in Toronto, and her first baking ventures in Vancouver. She became a regular on CBC Radio before eventually opening her own catering company, Lazy Gourmet. Susan talks extensively about her experiences in the business.

George and Arthur Weinstein

Oral history interview with George and Arthur Weinstein in preparation for the 2014 Scribe with a focus on Jewish scrap metal dealers.

George came to Vancouver from Romania as a child in 1928. His father Isador made a living as a peddler with his horse and buggy. George remembers helping his father process scrap throughout his childhood. In 1952, they founded Allied Salvage & Metals at 315 Powell Street. George's son Arthur also remembers helping his father as a youth and officially started working with the business in 1965. In the 2000's Arthur purchased the current location on Mitchell Island and continues to expand their services. Arthur's son Ian became an employee in 2003, carrying on the traditions of this true family business.

George and Arthur Weinstein are owners of Allied Salvage whose mission is to ensure top scrap metal recycling productivity, while maintaining a positive work environment and demonstrating loyalty to their employees and all of their customers. They aim to ensure that their family values as an organization are kept in line with their environmentally sustaining business practices. Their vision is to be the lower mainland's leading scrap metal recycling yard.

Allied Salvage is, and has always been, a family business. The company was initiated by Arthur Weinstein's grandfather, Isador Weinstein, in 1952. Isador's son, George Weinstein, joined the company shortly after its inception. Arthur Weinstein, the current director and grandson of Isador, first became involved with the company in 1965 during his teenage years. Arthur Weinstein's son, Ian, has now been employed by Allied Salvage since 2003. The company's history spans more than 50 years and four generations. In addition to being family owned and operated, Allied Salvage was founded upon, and has developed around, family-oriented values.

Isador Weinstein, deeply committed to conservation and recycling, was a visionary ahead of his time. The founding principles of his business were the reduction of needless waste and the preservation of natural resources. During a period in North American history not typically noted for its environmental consciousness, Isador took his anachronistic concerns for the natural world and implemented them practically through a corporation; Allied Salvage provided an early precedent for the profitability of ecological business models. In addition to applying his concern for the environment to his business, Isador Weinstein also instilled environmentally conscious values in his descendants. Just as the reins of Allied Salvage have been passed down from father to son across four generations, so too have the original values and principles that inspired the formation of the business - environmentalism, conservation, recycling and hard work -passed from father to son. To Arthur Weinstein, the scrap business is tantamount to "mining the surface of the world", decreasing reliance on conventional mining and prolonging human access to natural resources.

Estelle McClure

Oral history interview with Estelle McClure, who was born in Canada in 1910. Her mother was born in Poland and her father was born in Romania in the 1870's. The family first moved to England and than later emigrated to Canada and than grew up in California.

Zora ("Zoe") Gropper

Oral history interview with Zora ("Zoe") Gropper, who was a part of the National Council of Jewish Women in Saskatoon and discusses the political climate of the twenty-first century.

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