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Dr. Irving and Phyliss Snider fonds United States of America
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Woodland Park - Seattle

B&W print depicts a polar bear behind a fence in an enclosure. "Woodland Park - Seattle" is written on the bottom of the image.
Note: colour adjusted on jpg.

Hawaii 1953

Film depicts various shots of Hawaii, likely from the Snider's 1953 trip. Phyliss Snider is visible in much of the footage.

Yukon, Snider Film 8

Film depicts various city and scenery shots of what appears to be the Yukon. Phyliss Snider is visible in much of the footage.

No. 14 - San Francisco, crew races, alameda

Film depicts shots of a horse racetrack, a group of women and Irving Snider playing in sand, various city shots of what appears to be San Francisco and Alameda, a zoo, a rowing competition, and a track and field event.

Los Angeles, skating

Film depicts a horse racecourse, people golfing, and various city scenes of what appears to be Los Angeles. The film also shows footage of women exercising in a group (possibly part of the [Santa] Monica Athletic and Deauville Beach Club). The film also depicts a polo match, various shots of what appears to be Palm Springs, and shots of a circus/fair.


Film depicts a graduation scene with Phyliss Snider, various city scenes of New York City, and various scenes of what appears to be Portugal, including a bull fight.

Thailand, Honolulu

Film depicts klongs and temples in Thailand. The film also shows scenes of a luau and hula dance in Honolulu. There is also a parade shown (likely a Shriner's parade in Honolulu).

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