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Carol Leiran

Oral history interview with Carol (Kayla) Leiran who was born in Vancouver, 1943. Involved in the National Council of Jewish Women while her children grew up, later joining her father's company Wosk’s Ltd.

David Korbin

Oral history interview with David Morris Korbin who was born in Nelson, B.C in 1941. Grandparents come from Galicia and England. He went on to be a chartered accountant. In 1974 David became the first president of B. C. Development Corp and first...

Sarah Jarvis

Oral history interview with Sarah Jarvis (nee Izen) who was born in Vancouver, 1922.

Zoltan Fleischer

Oral history interview with Zoltan Fleischer in preparation for the 2014 Scribe with a focus on Jewish scrap metal dealers.

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