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Margaret Libbert

Oral history interview with Margaret Libbert who was born in the former Moravian capital of Brno in 1928, than part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Margaret discusses the challenges her family faced having to uproot themselves and relocate to Engl...

Judy Mandleman

Oral history interview with Judy Mandleman who was born in 1937 in British Columbia. Deeply involved in Vancouver's Hadassah-Wizo chapter and other Jewish organizations such as the Canadian Zionist Foundation.

Simon Fallmann

Oral history interview with Simon Fallmann who was born in Germany. He spent his childhood in Holland during World War II. Later in life he studied and worked in bio-medical engineering; quasar infra-red photography and aero-nautical engineering.

Joan Vanderveen-Berlow

Oral history interview with Joan Vanderveen-Berlow who was born in Saskatoon in 1935 but shortly moved with the family to Vancouver. Received her Master's degree in sociology in Boston, later in life was the founder and creator of the Temple ...

Jean Gerber

Oral history interview with Jean Miriam Gerber who was born in Pennsylvania in 1940. Jean studied history and moved into Graduate studies in English, where she eventually moved into teaching Jewish history and helping to set up Hillel. Jean wrote...

Joshua Wapp

Oral history interview with Joshua Wapp who was born in Ontario, 1969. His parents are both American but left for Canada due to politics. He works as a Cartoonist.

Marvin Weintraub

Oral history interview with Marvin Weintraub who was born in Poland in 1924. His father moved the entire family in 1930 to Toronto. Marvin studied chemistry and biology at the University of Toronto, doing a Master's and a PhD in botany/plant ...

Doris Gould

Oral history interview with Doris Gould who was born in Winnipeg , her parents came from Russia and San Paulo, South America. Her father was a founder of the Jewish Masonic Order. She and her husband moved to Vancouver in 1947. Active in Hassadah ...

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