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Saul Lechtzier, Dave and myself

B&W print depicts Dr. Irving Snider, Saul Lechtzier and Dave posing for the camera. On the back of the image is written: "am only wearing my trench coat but my great coat is much nicer with all the brass buttons and pip...". There is...

Mahon Park

B&W print depicts Jeanette Snider, Dr. Irving Snider's sister, and an unknown man posing for camera. The man is holding a tennis racket and Jeanette is holding a doll. "Mahon Park" is written on the bottom. Other copies availabl...


B&W print depicts an unknown man outside one of Mrs. Ann Snider's tailor shops. There are several sign on the shop, including a large sign that reads: "B.C. Clothiers & Tailors 311". "Store" is written on the botto...


B&W print depicts an unknown man named Jack. "Jack" is written at the bottom of the image.Note: colour adjusted on jpg.

Fishing Village

Colour Kodachrome 35mm slide depicts a man sitting in front of a building next to a table with hats hanging from a line.

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