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Benjamin Dayson (Baruch Dezick)

Oral history interview with Benjamin Dayson (Baruch Dezick). Interviewed by Irene Dodek. Benjamin speaks about coming to Canada, where his name was changed from Dezick to Dayson,in Alberta. He details an interesting story in which he received his citizenship after only three years in Canada. He also speaks about his adolescent life and trials in Russia, prior to immigrating. He explains how after many complications, and being unable to move to Canada as he had wished, he made his way to Rotterdam to take a boat to Mexico, when fortunately, he was able to move to Canada after all. He talks about this travel and immigration process in great detail. He also speaks on his work over the years and moving to Vancouver, where he was married, as well as his life and his family in Canada. His wife, Esther, is also present during this interview.

Michael Braude

Interview with Michael Braude. Interviewed by Sara Bernstein. Michael talks about his family's history and speaks fondly about his childhood in Cape Town, and in particular about his grandfather. Once he finished school, he wanted to leave South Africa because of the Apartheid. In the meantime he found a position in the jewelry trade, which he enjoyed, before going on to work for his fathers clothing business. He and his family lived in Israel for six years, but the climate didn't suit them and so they moved back to Cape Town where he had his career in clothing manufacturing. He also speaks about his wife, children, and grandchildren, as well as his interests such as music and archaeology. He has lived in Vancouver throughout the second half of his life.

Ilana Strummer

Oral history interview with Ilana Strummer, interviewed by Jean Gerber. Ilana discusses her upbringing, growing up in Kibbutz Dan, her parents having made aliyah as Zionists. In the kibbutz she looked after children and at the age of 13 she was taking care of her baby sibling. Ilana also completed high school in Israel and completed her military service in kibbutzim after her initial army training. Later, she went on to study physiotherapy. At the same time, she met her husband who originated from Vancouver, where they settled together in 1963. She speaks about her life upon immigrating to Vancouver and about remarrying in 1975. Ilana also discusses her later career in physiotherapy, her involvement in Vancouver’s Jewish community as well as the life of her family as her children were growing up.

Cissie Eppel

Oral History Interview with Cissie Eppel. She talks about her family history and them moving from Latvia to England. Cissie was born in England. Her father was a tailor. She met her Husband during the war when her family would house Jewish soldiers. She moved to Canada in 1952 with her husband and child. They came by train right to Vancouver. They settled in the West End and opened a picture framing store. She was very involved with the National Council and JFSA. In 1992 she established the Jewish Genealogical Society of BC.

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