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Leonoff, Cyril E.
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Goldeners name Purim Royalty

Photograph depicts Sarah Matlin and Abe Gurevich.
Article for the Jewish Western Bulletin April 1, 1976: Sarah Matlin and Abe Gurevich were chosen Queen Esther and King Ahasuerus at the Golden Age Club's Purim dinner attended by over 150 members and guests at the Centre. The selection of the 'royal couple' is based on qualities of character, spokesmen stated. Upcoming Goldener special events include a three-day senior citizen convention in Seattle, May 17-19 and a trip to Reno leaving June 5. Persons interested in either of these trips are asked to contact Golden Age director Barbara Minuk at the Centre, 266-9111.

[Cyril Leonoff] on steamroller

Photograph depicts Cyril Leonoff on a steamroller and an unidentified man beside him.
Written on the verso: "Crop top & bottom make 2 x 4 p. 13 June 23/88. 75%. Cyril Leonoff, Kitimat, BC. June 1954."

Cyril Leonoff at Barney Kaplun Farm

Photograph depicts Cyril Leonoff bailing hay.
Written on the verso: "September 1970. Cyril Leonoff, Barney Kaplun Farm, "Bailing Hay", Rocanville District, Saskatchewan."

Cyril E. Leonoff portrait

Photograph depicts a portrait of Cyril Leonoff.
Written on the verso: "P. 23 40% 1/4 45 3. Please return to The Jewish Historical Society of Western Canada Inc. 402-365 Hargrave Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2K3. June 29/89. May 29/88. P. 23 6/29/89. Cyril E. Leonoff."

Cyril Leonoff in his library

Photograph depicts Cyril Leonoff looking at pictures in his library.
Written on the verso: "Reduce entire pix to 3 cols x 4 1/4. 1/2 col. Nov. 22/90 185%. June 23/88. 170%. Cyril Leonoff "In his library". Photo by Ronnie Tessler. May 19, 1988."

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