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Letter - August 4, 1916

Letter from Pemberton & Son Financial Agents, dated August 4, 1916. Sent from Vancouver, British Columbia to Private Edward Joseph Seidelman at Camp Hughes, Manitoba.

Letter - December 8, 1939

Letter from Jack to Harry Seidelman, dated December 8, 1939. It is assumed that both men are working at the United Milling & Grain Co. Ltd. Letter discusses a matter concerning making up missed holidays to Harry. Two anonymized opinions from members on this matter can be found in Items 5 and 6 of this file.

Index Card

Anonymized opinion, presumably of a board member of the United Milling & Grain Co. Ltd., over a matter concerning Harry Seidelman's lost work vacation hours. More details regarding the matter can be found in the letter in the previous Item 4 of this file.

Newspaper Clipping

Clipping contains a message to the editor of Feedstuffs journal from Harry Seidelman, which states that United Milling and Grain Company Limited will be canceling its subscription to Feedstuffs as the company is going to close. Clipping is paper-clipped with another letter (see Item 15 of this file).

Letter - March 3, 1964

Letter from Arthur H. Schaefer of Packer By-Products Company in the United States to Harry Seidelman in Vancouver, dated March 3, 1964. In the letter Arthur H. Schaefer refers to Harry Seidelman's message to the editor of Feedstuffs journal (see previous Item 14 of this file) to ask Harry a property leasing question regarding his own business. The clipping of Harry's message to the editor is paper-clipped with this letter.

Letter - February 18, 1964

Letter from Harry Seidelman, on behalf of the United Milling and Grain Co. Ltd., to Mr. & Mrs. S. Unsworth & Children, dated February 18, 1964. Harry Seidelman replies to the letter from the Unsworths (see Item 17 of this file), expressing his appreciation and gratitude for them writing such kind words about his company.

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